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Meet Sadie

Author and full-time respiratory therapist, Sadie Hewitt grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is a diehard Michigan Wolverines fan. She doesn't claim a home anymore, rather chooses to travel the country with her football-fanatic husband and two feral, yet lovable, dogs.


She loves to write in urban paranormal fantasy and fantasy romance, mostly about powerful women, morally gray men, found families, and a sprinkle (or pour) of magic and spice.

When she's not thinking of ways to completely crush her readers, you can find Sadie scaling mountains around the world, catching up on her own TBR, and checking out the local coffee shops.

I'm a seven-time

head & neck

cancer survivor!

I've traveled to over

40 countries

and almost all 50 states!

I'm deathly afraid of balloons.

All kinds of balloons.

Don't bring me around balloons.

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