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As the Fallen Rise

It started with iridescent wings... now one woman must face danger and mystery beyond her wildest imagination.

Created by Primordials, daemons were made in the likeness of humans following a devastating betrayal. And for nearly six hundred years, Agnes was the Mage who protected them, kept them alive, and gave them power. Since her death, the seven factions of daemons have been on the brink of war, inching closer and closer to burning the world to the ground.

Anthropologist Greer Myers believes mythical creatures belong in fairy tales. But when she is unexpectedly thrust into the world she thought only existed in the folklore she studied, the source of her unusual magic is whispered amongst the daemons. The plot for her rise, or her fall, begins in the shadow of a secret society established to hunt her ancestral line.

When a strange man appears with a grimoire and claims that he can help her find her birth mother, Greer- smart and independent- decides to take on the mystery by herself. Weaving lies about her identity and going undercover as a journalist, the mission for information seems safe enough at first, but soon Greer learns the hard way just how sinister and otherworldly her mother’s death really is.

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Audiobook News

The audiobook for As the Fallen Rise is coming early summer to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!

Frankie Porter is the narrator and you do not want to miss what she has in store.

More to come soon, but click below for a special sneak peek!


Art completed by @cebanart on IG


Urban Paranormal Fantasy


Recommended 18+ for mature content


Found family

Slow burn romance

LGBTQ+ rep

Secret society

Mythical creatures

Trigger Warnings



Sexually explicit


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