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The Audient and The Phantom Night


Inspired by the worlds of The Legend of the Flying Dutchman and Beauty and the Beast, this action-packed fantasy filled with searing romance, outlawed magic, and seafaring danger.

Fenna Terrigan never expected to leave her seaside village. She was too quiet, too gentle, and far too kind to take on life outside of the bookshop she works at. But when her brother shows up on her doorstep begging for aid with a pirate captain hot on his tail, Fenna will do anything to protect him.

Devlin Cato is the captain of a cursed ship and can step foot on land for one day every seven years. Once again, he’s found himself using it to chase a deserter across the continent. his hunt is short-lived when Fenna agrees to take on her brother’s twenty-five-year debt in exchange for leaving her smoldering city to heal.

As Fenna spends more time aboard The Phantom Night with the ship’s mysterious and seductive captain, she soon finds herself caught between loyalty to her brother and her fiery passion for Devlin Cato. But the path to ending the curse isn’t as easy as it seems when Fenna’s dark secret is discovered, a secret that threatens the very foundation of the continent’s stability and one that anyone would be willing to kill for.

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Audiobook News

The audiobook for The Audient and The Phantom Night is available right now on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!


Want to listen to Broghanne Jessamine bring Devlin and Fenna to life?

Click below for a special sneak peek!

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Art completed by @ajn_art on IG


Pirate Fantasy Romance


Recommended 18+ for mature content



Forced Proximity

Outlawed Magic

Morally Gray Men
Curse Pirate Ship

Trigger Warnings



Sexually explicit


Threat of non-consensual sex

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